What is steampunkpictures.net?

steampunkpictures.net is a social bookmarking website for fantasy visual contents. We collect best fantasy images around the web. We decided that it would be cool to create a web site with bookmarks for fantasy art in gallery style which would be more interesting for users viewing rather viewing of bare links listing. You can help us to replenish our collection too. For this you just have to register and than you can add web links for qualitative fantasy pictures. If you are the author and you want that your creativity would be recognized by thousands of people - put links for you works on our site. In addition, you can not only help us in creation of fantasy art collection, you can create you own most liked pictures collection too. The best of most liked pictures, by web site editor`s opinion, will be placed to common gallery.

What is the "social bookmarking" stuff?

The power of steampunkpictures.net resides in the possibility to share your bookmarks with the rest of the world. That's where the key of "social bookmarking" is. And at the same time it's the explanation of the term: bookmarks that you don't keep privately in your browser, but are shared with everyone.

How can you organize your bookmarks?

For beginning you have to register. Than you can add new links to own collection and share them with your friends and with whole world. The indispensable condition for new bookmark adding is web page address indication, where the picture was found, and indication of author's name, if possible. We consider that it is very important and ask you to respect author's rights on pictures. Also, during new bookmark addition, you can specify tags, key words, which will help people to find this picture.

Get tired to read ? Try yourself :) and enjoy.